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What Zelda from Terrahawks Looks Like Now Will make your Jaw Drop

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s will know what a striking-looking woman Zelda was. And by striking we mean striking FEAR (into your heart)!!! Every [whatever day it was on] children would gather round the 14-inch teletext television that their parents had won on Bullseye, drink a can of Lilt and watch Terrahawks, a space puppet show by Thunderbirds creator Pamela Anderson. And whenever martian space-witch Zelda came on the screen every last child would do a literal shit in their literal pants. She was just that fucking ugly. Just look at her (and then change your pants when you've literally shit them). After three series and 39 episodes, Terrahawks - and Zelda's putrid mug - disappeared from the nation's TV screens. It is only recently that Zelda has re-emerged, and fans have been shocked by the world-conquering troll's transformation.

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